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The new ThunderStorm comes with a custom, one of a kind paint scheme by Detroit's own Jon Beagan..

We sent a couple of sheets of our 3K carbon to Jon's custom paint lab and what he gave us back was amazing. But the quantities are limited.

You get the same Thunder features with the Universal Plate System but with custom painted top, bottom and mid plates .

The bottom plate can also act as a top plate. Fewer parts to worry about, fewer spares to carry around. On top of that, the bottom plate is made of 3mm 3k carbon fiber. A universal top and bottom make for a tank of a quad that can handle any bando you throw it into.


  • Full 3k Twill Carbon throughout.
  • 3mm universal bottom plate
  • 2mm top plate
  • 25mm aluminum standoffs
  • Compatible with the Caddx Vista