Thunder 3 (Vista Compatible)

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Bandos are tough. Detroit bandos are the toughest. Hit the gaps with the small form-factor Thunder 3. Spec'd by DQC's own Dan Thunder, the the Thunder 3 follows one mantra; I want fewer parts to think about.

The Thunder 3 features the Universal Plate System. The bottom plate can also act as a top plate. Fewer parts to worry about, fewer spares to carry around. On top of that, the bottom plate is made of 3mm 3k carbon fiber. A universal top and bottom make for a tank of a quad that can handle any bando you throw it into.


  • Full 3k Twill Carbon throughout.
  • 3mm universal bottom plate
  • 2mm top plate
  • 25mm aluminum standoffs
  • Compatible with the Caddx Vista