EMAX RS 1306B-2700 AND 4000kv

EMAX RS 1306B-2700 AND 4000kv

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***2700kv Pictured***


RS1306-2700kv - 4000kv

Framework: 9N12P

Length: 19.4mm

Diameter: 16.8mm

No. of cells: 3-4s

Max thrust: 4000kv-500g(on 4s) 2700kv-336g(on 4s)

Shaft diameter 1.5mm

Propeller: 3"

Weight: 9.6g (W/O silicone wire)

Wire Length: 65mm 26AWG

Mounting : T-Mount (M2 holes, 5mm eye to eye)

Motor mount bolt pattern 12mmx12mm M2 Thread


Bearing: 2x5x2.5