RotorGeeks SSD F3

RotorGeeks SSD F3

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The Rotorgeeks SSD is an F3 based flight controller with best-in-class components, an intelligent layout and a great price.   While most flight controllers are derived from the old Naze 32 architecture, the SSD was designed from the ground up using the larger 64 pin package allowing 5 serial ports and other flexibility.  This fresh pinout architecture also means DSHOT ESC protocol is supported without sacrificing any features, using supplemental code to remap resources, pin swapping or jumpers.

The must haves

  • Invensense MPU 6000 IMU connected through SPI for maximum read speeds
  • Direct battery connection up to 6S with reverse polarity protection
  • Side mounted Blackbox MicroSD card slot connected via SPI for maximum write speeds and easy transfer (by removing card)
  • A layout that makes sense and keeps a build tight even when using headers pins and connectors
  • High current 5V supply – ability to power the control board, receiver, addressable LEDs, 5V vtx etc.  Can deliver steady 1.5A @ 6S input (more at lower battery power)
  • All solder points are through-hole and spaced away from critical surface mount components
  • NO fragile micro pitch connectors

Key features

  • DSHOT supported – no jumpers, remapping etc.
  • Low profile onboard IR leds to interface with IR based lap timing systems – one on each side covers any gate setup (code tbd)
  • Receiver / satellite function with USB power – no need for main battery to do binding and setup (safer too!)
  • Huge 5V supply to provide power for receiver, addressable LEDs, and other devices including high consumption 5V video transmitters (actual voltage is 5.06V)
  • Full telemetry support including SmartPort
  • One common input for serial Rx and PPM receivers
  • Direct satellite support for Spektrum users including 3.3V supply and binding functionality.  No need to pre-bind with a receiver anymore.
  • 6 PWM outputs so you can run a hexacopter, gimbal or other PWM controlled devices like switches etc.
  • BLHeli passthrough supported
  • Single sided design – just the sd slot on the bottom, low profile, easy to work with and reliable
  • Switched ground buzzer pin lets you connect to battery for extra loud beeping
  • USB VCP – firmware flashing without using bootloader pins
  • Voltage monitoring (and current with external sensor)
  • Runs on Betaflight firmware

Another F3 now, really?
Yup, and here’s why.  F3 is actually newer than F4 and has some functionality that helps a few things work (internal inversion, BLHeli passthru etc.)  Betaflight code continues to be optimized and runs 8/8 and DSHOT.  The performance of the F3 is more than up to the task.  As far as adding yet another board into the market, we’ve used just about everything out there and there’s always some tradeoff or small annoyance in the layout, design or functionality.  This is our take on what we’ve always wanted in a board.  Layout, functionality, smart design and of course, performance.  We’ve been playing with little extras and SBECs for quite a while but the core design that makes up the controller has been flight tested for over 8 months prior to production.  It’s a performer.

Wheres my PDB / OSD / Current sensor?
Most of the OSDs are based on the very fussy MAX/AB7456 chips.  Given the complications and failure rates on these setups, we felt that combining all this functionality in one board makes for less reliable gear with higher cost and likelihood of replacement. Many frames are coming with integrated power distribution making that functionality redundant in many cases.  There are also some great products in the market that handle this already, like the RROSD  or cameras that display voltage and timers like the HS1190

36x36mm board, 30.5 mounting holes
Weight 6.25g
Current batch of boards is Blue and has conformal coating on the top for moisture protection

Manual available here

RCGroups thread here

RotorGeeks SSD F3
RotorGeeks SSD F3
RotorGeeks SSD F3
RotorGeeks SSD F3